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Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross

  Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross is a semi-retired researcher, writer, presenter, and educator with two (2) nonfiction books in progress.  The books are entitled: In Pursuit of Anomalies: How Great Music and Real UFOs Can Save the Human Race and CONNECTING PHENOMENA:  Solving the Roswell and Kecksburg UFO Mysteries.   Dr. Gross has worked as a researcher, field investigator, scientist, writer, lecturer,  

educator, administrator, change agent, turnaround specialist, and professional musician.  In addition, Bob has recently developed and written a document entitled:  Kecksburg UFO WHITEPAPER REPORT:  Closing the Kecksburg UFO Case Opened a  New Mystery Revised Edition.

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Doctor Bob Wenzel Gross received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Duquesne University, a Master of Education Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Doctor of Education Degree from Penn State University. Bob’s flawless approach to research was a direct result of Penn State awarding his dissertation an excellent rating. Dr. Gross is a researcher, scientist, writer, lecturer, and educator who began his professional career as a classically trained musician. By nature, Bob is an artist who works with music as his medium of choice. However, out of necessity, he is a scientist and aggressive researcher. He has more than 25 years’ experience teaching on all levels of instruction. Also, Bob worked for more than 17 years as an educational administrator, troubleshooter, and turnaround specialist.   

Books in Progress

  1. IN PURSUIT OF ANOMALIES: How Great Music and Real UFOs Can Save the Human Race. This book is a work of creative nonfiction—part memoir and part general nonfiction narrative. It tells a factually accurate story that incorporates anomalies, music, spirituality, and existential intelligence. The book addresses sensitivity to big questions about existence and discusses believing in things beyond one ’s self. The action of the story moves along a narrative arc dominated by real world occurrences with music and UFOs.  
  2. CONNECTING PHENOMENA:  Solving the Roswell and Kecksburg UFO Mysteries.   This nonfiction book discusses the alleged UFO crashes in Roswell, New Mexico and Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.  It provides viable  explanations for what occurred during those mysterious events. In addition, the book explains why such incidents retain popularity after several decades.  

Recent Research

KECKSBURG UFO WHITEPAPER REPORT:  Closing the Kecksburg UFO Case Opened a New Mystery Revised Edition. This whitepaper is an authoritative report on the Kecksburg UFO case. The report presents an analysis of that phenomenon. The main purpose of this whitepaper is to inform readers on the finer details of the Kecksburg UFO mystery.

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